Forever In The Infinite Now

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Within human existence we’ve been constantly searching for the purpose of why we are here. The simple answer to this question however is not an outward journey, but rather an internal discovery within. We are here to be present, to be the essence of space and time itself, and to co-create this universal projected reality together.

Learn how to unlock the mysteries of the universe by finding the truth within the harmony of our 3 core elements: THE MIND, THE BODY, AND THE SPIRIT.

“Forever in the Infinite Now” is a visual written narrative with illustrations explaining how we as humans are the functioning harmony between our mind, physical body, and spirit.

As you read along with a curated playlist, we get to discover how to remove ourselves from our thoughts and ego, to live in a place of meditation, perceiving this reality from the mirror reflection of our conscious awareness.

Let’s allow ourselves to be free from any stress, worry, and attachments, to live eternally in happiness within the infinite moment of now.

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